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We hold multiple fundraisers throughout the year. You can find information on all of them here on this page!


RaiseRight (Scrips)

  • Raise-right is an opportunity for students and parents to earn money towards their choir fee payments by purchasing e-gift cards for gas stations, clothing stores, restaurants, grocery chains, purchases of electronics, travel expenses, home remodel costs, etc. In other words, you can have money deducted off of choir fees by purchasing things you already buy with no additional cost to you. 
  • In order to set up an account for your child and start earning money, simply go to and enter join code: TBR7P1M7HGUZ
  • Once you confirm that you want to earn money for LN Choir, you will create an account for your child so that anyone (including you) can connect your child’s name to any raise-right electronic gift card purchases and help earn money toward their choir fees (the kickback for door dash card through RaiseRight is currently 8%!!) 
  •  The enrollment code you need will automatically fill with the button below.